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Sending on Bitcoin Anonymously

Many people who use bitcoin put great faith in the assertion that the blockchain and the whole bitcoin system offers high level of user anonymity. However, it is not all that simple. To tell the truth, that is very much not the case.

Let us start with the fact that the blockchain of Bitcoin is open. Anyone who is connected to the world web and has some knowledge of bitcoin blocks can study the history of your operations including destinations of your transfers, sources of your replenishments and the cost of your portfolio. The initial design of Bitcoin blockchain was developed as a public service, so there is no talk about digital anonymity. Moreover, the main advantage, which is praised in the advertisements, is the transparency of the bitcoin technology. It is a good thing in many ways, but it does not help people who want to stay anonymous while using the blockchain system for payments and banking. 

If it sounds strange, it is OK. Let us take a bank account as an example. Would you like it if somebody was able to look through the history of your transactions including the sums of your transfers and pays, and your current balance. No doubts, you would close that transparent account and open a new one in another bank that honors your confidentiality. 

The public status of your Bitcoin blockchain offers quite the same. It is a transparent wallet. If you want to stay anonymous for some reason, you have the right to do it, and there is a way. However, it is not a built-in option, so you will have to learn some tricks. Now the Developer team of Bitcoin is working on the Lightning Network. It is a second-layer scaling system that is aimed at taking off the load from the main Bitcoin chain. When it is ready, payments in Bitcoin will be cheaper and faster. However, there is still no provision for any level of anonymity. 

Fortunately, there is a few simple ways to send Bitcoin anonymously. Use the following information to keep your Bitcoin transfers confidential. The guide is very simple, so you do not have to be a computer geek to learn the way to send bitcoin without a trace any time you need it.

Get a VPN

Of course, you will need some technical skills to get started, but they are quite moderate. Are you able to download and install software? If yes, you are ready for anonymizing your presence in the digital world.

The first thing you should do is to download and start using a VPN today. There is a wide range of options, and you can easily pick up a good one for you depending on its type (PC programs, mobile or browser apps) and settings.

VPN is a service that covers your real IP by redirecting your internet connection to the other server. It can be in another country, f.e. you can connect from the USA, but for any observers you will be seen as a Spanish or Chinese connection. 

When monitoring your Bitcoin transfer, Blockchain analysis groups generally rely on the IP address. Your VPN covers up your tracks and helps keep a good degree of anonymity.

Switch over to the Tor Browser

Tor is a simple game changer, which was developed by the Navy for secret communications. With the time, it became a free community project aimed at making the internet safer and more private.
The key advantage of Tor for Bitcoin users who need to fly under the radar is its ability to retour the traffic through a huge layer of other servers. If anyone will try to keep track of your transfers, he will see a complicated list of IP addresses generated by Tor while scrambling your history of actions.
The Tor browser is a true online invisibility cloak. The only thing you should do to make safe and anonymous Bitcoin transactions is to access your wallet via Tor every time you make a transfer. Thus, you can make sure that nobody can track your payments and identify them as yours.

Make use of a Bitcoin Mixer

Despite the fact that bitcoin has no option to keep your account private, there is always a way. One can use a bitcoin mixer. Such services help shuffle your bitcoins by complicated algorithms, and that is how they secure users identity. If the bitcoin blender is of high quality, there will be almost no chance to track your operations and identify you. 

The operating principal of such services is quite simple. A bitcoin tumbler is a reserve of bitcoin, which consists of coins that belong to many other users. When you add your bitcoin, you can specify an additional wallet address for receiving mixed bitcoin. The reserve gets your deposit, mixes it with other bitcoin parts belonging to different users and sends you coins that had no connection with you before. offers any client funds from clients coins, investor coins and from crypto casinos. Combining these coins make output coins as clean as possible for our new clients.

You will be able to get untraceable and clean Bitcoin that is impossible to keep track of. This option helps you send Bitcoin anonymously anytime you need without any extra preparations and tricks. The chief thing is to use a trusted service, f. e. Remember that since the moment you start using a Bitcoin mixer, the link between your IP addresses is broken, and your financial actions become untraceable. 

Buy new Bitcoin

If you use such broker services as Bittrex, Coinbase, or Kraken, you get into a centralized system that requires your personal information for identification. It includes your name, address, and banking data. All this information will be stored forever in the service database. It means a permanent link between your Bitcoin and you as a real person.

There is a simple way to avoid this by buying Bitcoin a special service. You will have to make in person and use cash, and there will be no need to show any identity cards. No need to worry about tracking possibilities as long as there is a seller send to a new clean Bitcoin address with the private keys owned by you.The upside here is that you can easily send bitcoin anonymously after making a simple cash purchase without any extra friction. This way you get Bitcoin ready for anonymous transactions, and you do not have to use any third-party services.

However, there is one more you have to learn about This service has a system of ratings for the sellers, so every user can see that they are reliable. Users rate them after each transaction, and the others can see these marks. 

In addition, this way of buying requires a face-to-face meeting offline. So, at first you have to check the status of the seller. Secondly, it is advisable to arrange meetings in public places such as popular cafes and malls. It will be comfortable for both sides of the deal, so there should be no troubles with it.

Add an Encrypted Messenger

There is another good option to make bitcoin transactions anonymously. We are talking about end-to-end encrypted messengers. They are highly variable and useful tools for people who care about their financial anonymity. The term “end-to-end encryption” is used frequently, but many people do not understand its true meaning and operating principle. The main reason of such a hype around it is the announcement of WhatsApp, one of the internationally popular messengers, about the introduction of this option into their service.

The working principle of end-to-end encryption is simple and elegant. When you send a hello to another user, it is instantly encrypted with a special secret key. Then, this encrypted message turns into a ciphered form of text, and in such a form it is sent to your dialog partner. He already has a key, which decrypts your message. It wins back its initial form and becomes readable on his device.
Today end-to-end encryption can be used to protect not only messages. It is usable with various files, data, images, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. We can use end-to-end encryption to send Bitcoin with higher level of anonymity. If you need a safe tool, which will help, you keep your financial history safe from the others, end-to-end encryption is the right choice. 

To start with, you can study the most popular cryptocurrency platforms, which offer their users end-to-end encryption as their main advantage. Horizen, Verge, PIVX, and Monero after its Kovri update are in the list. An additional point is a new composite platform Apollo Currency that has highly sophisticated end-to-end encryption. 

As for other services with end-to-end encryption, we can name such messengers as Telegram and Signal. 

Telegram offers their users decide if they want to use end-to-end encryption for their dialogs. However, this option is available only in one-on-one talks, and not in group ones.
Signal offers a built-in option of end-to-end encryption that protects both dialogs and group chats without asking their users if they want it or not. It is the best choice for all people that are not very good at encryption technologies and software settings.

Why do you need to encrypt your messages and chats to arrange safe and untraceable Bitcoin transactions? The answer is simple. To send Bitcoin anonymously, you need to cover up every online step of yours to make sure you leave no links in the web. This applies to all your internet connections including even harmless (at first glance) chats and messengers. 

The best way to organize safe Bitcoin transactions is to use all the mentioned tools after using a trusted Bitcoin mixer. In such a way, you will make sure your Bitcoin will leave no trace in the cryptocurrency world. At first, it will seem complicated, but with the time you will get used to this process.

Combine A Few Tools To Send Bitcoin Anonymously

There is no need to opt for the best method from the list. The only way to leave no trace is to combine them to assure top-level protection.

Here is the example:
  1. Install a VPN,
  2. buy Bitcoin, 
  3. mix them using a trusted online mixer like,
  4. access you wallet via Tor,
  5. send Bitcoin anonymously.

The other option is to use a combination of Tor, VPN, end-to-end encrypted messaging platform and a Bitcoin mixer. Use VPN every time you buy Bitcoin, and as soon as you buy them, send them to the bitcoin mixer you are used to. Make further actions with the mixed Bitcoin over the preferred platform with sophisticated end-to-end encryption.Turn on your creativity to make up your own way of staying anonymous in the internet. Try all tools and combine them in different schemes to find the right option for you.